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The Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council and Suburban Hospital Alliance of NYS, LLC have developed strategic relationships with a number of commercial partners to provide their members with access to innovative technologies and services that address hospitals’ operational and financial needs, or otherwise help member institutions fulfill their missions.

Acurity, Inc.

Acurity is an organization of healthcare professionals committed to helping providers deliver better care and reduce operating expenses through enhanced supply chain performance. Acurity has combined a regional contracting program with the power of national aggregation to deliver a best-in-class purchasing portfolio. Acurity’s leading industry experts identify data-driven methods that optimize hospital and health-system resources to improve both quality and the bottom line.

Allēus HealthcareAnalytic

The Suburban Hospital Alliance of New York State signed an agreement with Allēus HealthcareAnalytic. Allēus Healthcareidentifies and recovers revenue originating from uncompensated care encounters. The firm does this through unique and proprietary programs with the objective of recovering revenue from "institutional payers.” They are not a debt collection agency – they recover from institutions, never patients. Their services are provided at no cost and are contingency fee(s) turn-key solution. Located in New York City, Allēus Healthcareconsists of insurance industry executives and managers that have administered multi-billion dollar class and mass action litigation including record-setting complex federal securities settlements and acknowledged experts in revenue cycle and subrogation from some of the top healthcare professional services firms in the world. For more information contact Kevin Dahill (

Care Logistics

Care Logistics helps hospitals deliver exceptional care to satisfied patients at the lowest costs. The Care Logistics patient progression systems transform hospital operations, powered by positive culture change, flexible and efficient unit and system care models, and logistics software. The results: efficient, predictable, and reliable care that dramatically improves every metric that matters to hospitals—care quality, patient throughput and experience, length of stay and financial performance.

HANYS Solutions

HANYS Solutions provides outstanding decision support tools, operational efficiency methods, and technology innovations that help hospitals, health systems and other health care providers to make sound business decisions, enhance their cost-effectiveness and efficiency, improve the quality of health and medical care services, and deploy new technologies to meet changing patient and practitioner needs.

Managed Care Advisory Group

The Managed Care Advisory Group (MCAG) is a litigation claim recovery and health plan auditing firm engaged by NSHC to assist its members in filing claims pursuant to settlements such as the Blue Cross settlement on physician payments, the Ingenix settlements on the determination of “usual and customary” charges, pharmaceutical industry settlements over the inflation of average wholesale prices, and Visa/MasterCard settlements over transaction fees. NSHC has expanded its relationship with MCAG to offer Contract Payment Review (CPR) services to its members. CPR enables providers to ensure that reimbursements received from payers meet the negotiated and contract reimbursement rates. MCAG offers its recovery services to NSHC members at a reduced contingency fee.

Mercy College

Mercy College has entered into a partnership that will allow employees of Suburban Hospital Alliance member hospitals a 15 percent discount on all undergraduate and graduate classes at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY.


National Auditing Services & Consulting is a forensic accounting/auditing and cost recovery firm with 28 years’ experience and a high level of success in the health care marketplace. NASC will identify and secure utility (electricity & gas, telecommunications) over-payments/billing errors going back 3-5 years, on contingency and in a manner that is not a project, as refunds/credits and potentially reduce future utility costs in the process.


Nexera is a healthcare consulting firm. Nexera ties total costs and care quality to financial reimbursements to deliver value-driven healthcare business solutions. Nexera’s work is tailored to their client’s culture and resources to create long-term success. The Nexera service model delivers solutions that are actionable and replicable beyond a consulting engagement to help their clients implement meaningful change. Nexera’s team doesn’t just offer recommendations—they deliver results.


The Suburban Hospital Alliance has contracted with Qualaris to provide its web-based, customizable quality improvement audit tool to member institutions, with each participating institution receiving at no cost the ability to participate in a regional project and one institution-specific quality improvement module at no cost. Each facility receives a free tablet to ease the collection of data, though the platform can be used from a smart phone, workstation-on-wheels or any internet-capable device. On Long Island, hospitals are using the Qualaris Audit Tool to work collaboratively on improving patient experience.

Reimbursement Alliance Group, LLC

The Reimbursement Alliance Group, LLC provides advisory services to hospital associations, hospitals and health systems on a local and national level. Specifically, RA offers advisory services that focus on hospital Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement and regulatory issues. RA’s management team averages over 20 years of consulting, hospital and intermediary experience. Since 2009, RA has conducted annual audits of NSHC member hospitals’ Medicare wage index data.

Squad Security, Inc.

Squad Security, Inc. can provide security assessment and other services to member hospitals and health systems. Founded in 1992 by former NYPD detective Michael Sapraicone, the company has grown to offer a wide range of security and investigative solutions to multinational clients. The firm has an experienced management team with an extensive law enforcement background.

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