Our Mission:

The Nassau Suffolk Hospital Council helps enhance health care for all Long Islanders by representing the interests of its member hospitals before lawmakers, regulatory agencies, the media, and the public.

Primary Objectives:

  • Serve as expert on all health care issues pertaining to members and this region
  • Help media and the public understand complex economic and regulatory health care issues
  • Provide application assistance to Medicaid, Child Health Plus and Family Health Plus
  • Assist members' workforce efforts
  • Participate in regional emergency preparedness efforts
  • Interpret reports, legislation, and regulation for members
  • Maintain relationships with allied associations, business partners, and community groups
  • Provide professional education and training for hospital staff


Members of these standing committees are representatives from member hospitals:

  • Audit (Reviews and discusses NSHC business activities; internal committee within NSHC board)
  • Communications (Supports and helps shape communications objectives and initiatives by working collaboratively with the Hospital Council and fellow hospital members. The group’s overarching goal is to ensure that law makers at all levels, allied health and business partners, the public, and the media understand the broad range of issues that influence hospitals and health care delivery on Long Island.)
  • Corporate Compliance (Reviews and interprets policy and regulatory mandates and their impact upon member hospitals and works to ensure that members understand such policies and regulations so that 100% compliance is reached.)
  • Finance (Analyzes and discusses reimbursement methodologies and issues that affect hospitals’ operating budgets.)
  • Human Resources (Discusses ongoing workforce needs, licensure, education, and training requirements and seeks solutions to unique staffing needs presented in this region.)
  • Nurse Executives/Administrators (Work collaboratively to ensure clinical nursing services are delivered appropriately, with patient safety and satisfaction the number one priority. The group shares best practice standards. Brings together chief nurssing officers and deans of nursing from local colleges and universities.)
  • Nurse Managers (Discusses practice issues and presents educational programming on topical issues.)
  • Quality (Work to help members understand and apply numerous quality metrics, benchmarks, and process improvements.)
  • Revenue Cycle (This committee is comprised of patient accounts directors. The group discusses matters related to billing, coding, regulatory changes affecting payment, and auditing concerns.


  • Nurse of Excellence Recognition Event
  • Nassau Suffolk Auxilians Annual Luncheon
  • Annual NSHC Membership Meeting
  • Legislative Briefings
  • Advocacy Day (sponsored by HANYS)
  • Ann Marie Brown Memorial Scholarship (Communication Arts/Journalism/Health Care Administration)
  • Excellence in Patient Safety Award

Grand Initiatives:


Professional Alliances:

  • American Hospital Association
  • Departments of Health (county, statefederal)
  • Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS)
  • IPRO
  • Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
  • Suburban Hospital Alliance of New York State
  • Suffolk Minority Health Coalition
  • Health and Welfare Council
  • LI Chapter of New York Organ Donor Network
  • Long Island Blood Services
  • Long Island Association
  • Urban League of Long Island
  • Long Island Forum for Technology (LIFT)
  • Long Island Health Network (LIHN)
  • Nassau Academy of Medicine
  • Suffolk County Medical Society
  • New York State Medical Society


  • Profiles of Patient Care (selected volumes available in hard copy only)
  • Monthly Length of Stay Reports
  • Health Careers Guide
  • Membership Directory
  • STAT News Alert (current and archived issues)
  • eProgress Notes (formerly Progress Notes), monthly e-based newsletter

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